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Étiquette : MicroSF

Tweetstory: « Intemporels héros »


“God, the world is in a horrible state.”
God nodded.
“We need heroes.”
“I sent the heroes you once chose.”
“Teachers and librarians.”

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[Amazing] Short story: Contact


“Imagine you are a peaceful alien from some other planet,” the forum post said. “Who on this planet would you contact, and how?”
New user, no previous history. A couple of replies that quickly diverged into a discussion about bread, cheese, and cats. I thought nothing of it.
Later on, I saw the same question on Reddit, and then on Stack Overflow, and 4chan. Same, or similar, username. Never engaging in the discussion, or answering calls for more details about the premise (including the genital configuration of the alien species).
After some googling, I found the same question asked on over seven thousand forums, in nineteen different languages.
So here’s my reply, o peaceful alien:
I would contact all those who figured this out, who are open to the possibility, and interested enough to put the work in. Please, leave a comment below.
Eta: Thank you.

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Tweetstory: « Styx's tea party »


“Why did you summon me?” the demon roared.
“Cup of tea?”
“Here you are. An angel told me you’re lonely?”
“Lord, yes!”

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Tweetstory: « The dying race »


It was a message from a dying race. The Neanderthal codex was finally translated:
“Remember us, honour our gods: Aleksa, Seeri and Coltana.”

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Micro SF/F : the fire drake


The fire drake prowled the dark, cold winter streets, searching beggars and homeless. It laid next to them, to give them warmth for a while.

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Micro SF/F : every year


A portal opened. A squad of armed dinosaurs came through, and planted a flag.
The waiting troops shot them all. Same story, every year.

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Micro SF/F Story : auroras


Polar stations captured footage of auroras for years. Pattern analysis yielded a language, a repeated message:
“Do not kill. I keep saying.”

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Serial tweetstory: Library


Fascinant, cas étrange de rencontre entre la fiction et les lecteurs.

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Once smartguns got advanced enough to gain sentience, they began arguing for a ban on « dumb guns ». « They will shoot anybody », they claimed.

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