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OBS et Streamlabs (aucun rapport)


Near the launch of SLOBS, @streamlabs reached out to us about using the OBS name. We kindly asked them not to. They did so anyway and followed up by filing a trademark
We’ve tried to sort this out in private and they have been uncooperative at every turn.
We’re often faced with confused users and even companies who do not understand the difference between the two apps.
Support volunteers are sometimes met with angry users demanding refunds. We've had interactions with several companies who did not realize our apps were separate.

Legally they have obeyed the terms of the GPL but they have repeatedly disregarded the spirit of open source and of giving back.
Despite these actions by Streamlabs, the OBS Project will continue to provide free, open software and tools for everybody.
We will continue to support our users, the community, and our amazing developers for their hard work.

Clairement, « Streamlabs OBS » fait du parasitisme.

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