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Lazy Scholar (check of Google Scholar for full text and various metrics while browsing an abstract)


« A recent study by Khabsa & Giles (2014)* estimated that 24% of scientific papers are freely available through Google Scholar. In some scientific disciplines, it reached as high as 50%. Thus, Google Scholar can be a first stop to check for a free full text of a paper. However, it takes 7 clicks to do this manually, and checking for metrics and other info takes much more time.

Lazy Scholar automatically queries Google Scholar for a freely available full text the instant you open a scientific paper. Set up library links in Google Scholar and/or your institution's EZproxy url in settings to show preformed links without leaving the page. In addition, it checks for comments on the paper in PubPeer & PubMed Commons, provides various citation metrics on the paper and journal, and one-click citation styles, including a preformed powerpoint style. »