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Why I built my own shitty static site generator


All software tools make some kind of trade-off between flexibility and ease of use. Some make a better compromise than others, but a compromise it allways will be.
If Twitter is the only publishing platform you’ll ever use, then, without trying, you will naturally start to write texts that are 280 characters or less. That is just how most people work. But maybe this limitation irritates you often enough that you start to look for a way around it. You search online and you find apps like Threadreader, that lets users string multiple tweets into one document as if they were a single text. This is a solution to the problem you had, but if you read your new posts carefully, you will notice that they don’t “feel” right. The limitation of 280 characters is still there, but it is hidden. […]
In a situation like this, you would have been much better off with starting a Wordpress blog. […]

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