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[La dixième va vous étonner] Ten Hot Topics around Scholarly Publishing


DOI : 10.3390/publications7020034
  1. Will preprints get your research “scooped”?
  2. Do the Journal Impact Factor and journal brand measure the quality of authors and their research?
  3. Does approval by peer review prove that you can trust a research paper, its data and the reported conclusions?
  4. Will the quality of the scientific literature suffer without journal-imposed peer review?
  5. Is Open Access responsible for creating predatory publishers?
  6. Is copyright transfer required to publish and protect authors?
  7. Does gold Open Access have to cost a lot of money for authors, and is it synonymous with the APC business model?
  8. Are embargo periods on ‘green’ OA needed to sustain publishers?
  9. Are Web of Science and Scopus global platforms of knowledge?
  10. Do publishers add value to the scholarly communication process?